Herd Does

*All rabbits are first posed then relaxed, we want people to see the rabbits in their natural non-tense posture.

Shad's Princess(BIS/BOB Producer)



Broken Black Sr. Doe (Dilute Carrier&REW)

GC KT's Mr Bojangles(brkn blk 9 GC legs) X Shad's Sweet as Sugar(blk otter)

-"Princess" is a very cute doe. She has very nice depth and fullness in her hindquarter. She is just a titch long in her shoulder but it doesn't bother me. She is a fairly short doe and she has a nice topline and loin to her. She is also a great mamma!!  

LVR's Furious (BOB Producer& has produced 7 BIS Winners)



Otter Sr. Doe 

GC LVR's Dress To Impress(BOSV Black [email protected])XLVR's VooDoo 

-Furious is a really cute doe, she is a tiny little thing. she is very well bred comes from top of the lines, and she will be bred soon to one of our new bucks. She has super dense fur and has great texture. 

3XBIS RGC Shad's Miss Priss(9 GC Legs) 

RGC KT's Time OutXLVR's Furious 

Sr. Otter Doe 



Prissy is a stunning otter doe. She has the densest coat I think i have ever felt. As a junior she beat out the senior does for 3BOV's she also placed 5th [email protected] with a unfinished coat. She is gorgeous she has the otter factor and the type and specifically the fur. She is my first homebred GC. 

High Country's Sweet Velvet Cake 

KT's RaiderXHigh Country Summit 

Broken Black Sr. Doe 


Velvet is a cute senior doe. She is not show quality as she is over the SOP but she has the bloodlines and the looks to be a great brood doe. She is going to help me get started in blacks, she goes back to 2016 BOB ARBA 2016 Winner. She is a beautiful doe from High Country Rabbits and I'm excited to get some babies from her. 

KT's Millie(4 legs) 

GC KT's Midnight SunXGC KT's Fire Down Below 

Otter Sr. Doe 


Millie is a gorgeous little doe she has the classic KT fur and goes back to the 1st place otter doe in [email protected] She has beautiful fur and is a proven brood doe. I am excited to start using her for my otter program.