Herd Bucks

Redelman's Feeby 


Redelman's Dollip(13 Legs)XRedelman's Figi

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Broken JR. Buck 


-Feeby is a really cute buck, he is short and compact over all. He is going to have a nice coat once he matures out of his baby/junior coat. He is super sweet and very personable, Feeby will be on our show team for Fall 2017/SPRING2018. Once we get a few legs on him he will be used for breeding!

GC KT's Time Out (Multipule BOV,BOB WINNER) 

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KT's Rocky Top(3+Legs)XKT's Hot N'Bothered(2 legs)

Broken Sr. Buck 


-Time Out is more shy and reserved buck but is super sweet when he warms up to you. He has a really successful show career, he is registered and granded. He is a proven buck, and I can't wait to see what kind of babies he will throw for me will be bred soon to a few of our does!

Shad's Careless Whisper (1BOSV)

Redelmans Feeby(4BOSV)XShad's Caramel Machiatto 



Whisp is a nice buck, he is short and deep. This little buck has a great HQ and is solid overall. He is still immature in his baby and is changing coats. His first time out he placed first in his class and beat out the senior bucks for a BOSV. I am excited about this young upcoming buck. 

LVR's CheapSkate 

Otter Sr. Buck 


*All rabbits are posed then allowed to naturally relax* 

Reference Bucks: 

Daisy's Dark N' Stormy 
Casablanca's Psycho(Black Otter 3 Legs) X Scotcha's Roo(REW) 
Black Otter Jr. Buck 
Winnings: BOV. BOSV(2),BOSB
- "Storm" Is an exceptional buck! He went to his frist show and god a BOV, BOSV(2), and BOSB! I am very proud of this guy! He has a nice topline and great hindquarter to him. He is overall a balanced animal. He is overall a nice quality animal! Just needs more density to his fur, but other than that I cannot complain! 

Currently: A proven sire.