Herd Bucks

Shad's Careless Whisper (1BOSV)

Redelmans Feeby(4BOSV)XShad's Caramel Machiatto 



Whisp is a nice buck, he is short and deep. This little buck has a great HQ and is solid overall. He is still immature in his baby and is changing coats. His first time out he placed first in his class and beat out the senior bucks for a BOSV. I am excited about this young upcoming buck. 

LVR's CheapSkate(1 BOS leg) 

LVR's Cheaptrick(16 GC legs)XLVR's Gopher(2legs)

Otter Sr. Buck 



Chip is what we call him. He is a gorgeous buck. His sire won BOB @WCC 4/5 shows, and his daughter won the last. HE has a pedigree all day. He is a nice buck himself. The comments on the show table that he gets are fantastic, hes got perfect texture and very good density. My goal is to grand him. 

LVR's Crossroads(12th place Sr black buck @2017 ARBACONV) 

LVR's 2Good2Eat(7GC Legs)XScotcha RPH2

Black Sr. Buck 



Crossroads is helping me start working on blacks. He is a very nice buck, well put together and has a coat to die for. He goes back to ARBA BOSV OTTER2015 and his sire is a BOV/BOS winner. I'm glad he is coming to me, he is going to help us get our black lines started!

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