2018 Show Team

The left~ Daisy's Dark N'Stormy(1BOV, 2BOSV, 1BOSB) 

The Right~Rose Arbor's Gem(BOV)   

2018 Results 

3/24/18-2BOV, 1 BOS 

WCC-5th Place Sr Otter doe 

6/11/18-2 BOV 1 BOSV, 2 BOB 1 BIS 

7/14/18- 2BOV, 2BOSV, 1 BOB 1 BOS 1 BIS 

9/15/2018-3BOV, 3BOSV, 3 BOB 3 BOS 1 BIS

Total: 9BOV's, 6BOSV's, 5 BOS's, 6 BOB 3 BIS

Shad's Careless Whisper (1BOSV)

Otter Sr. Buck

Redelmans Feeby(4BOSV)XShad's Caramel Machiatto 



Whisp is a nice buck, he is short and deep. This little buck has a great HQ and is solid overall. He is still immature in his baby and is changing coats. His first time out he placed first in his class and beat out the senior bucks for a BOSV. I am excited about this young upcoming buck. 

Shad's Ma Cherie 

Otter Jr Doe

Redelmans Feeby(broken black)XHigh Country's Flamen' Hot(Black Otter) 



-"Love" Is a very pretty doe, shes small and petite. She has nice type to her, would like to see more density to her coat but she is still immature in her coat. She will need some time to mature and grow up but she is promising

Shad's Ma Belle 

Black Jr Doe 

Redelmans FeebyXHigh Country Flamen' Hot 



-"Belle" is a cute jr black doe, she is tiny and does need some time to fill out but she is very promising. Im excited for this girls future. She really is the first black I have shown in years. She will hopefully do me proud.


Broken Jr. Buck 

RGC LVR's CheapskateX(BIS/BOB PRODUCER) Shad's Princess 



-This little buck was a sale buck for a long time he has grown up a lot recently and I have decided he is to nice to leave. My intentions were not to stick the the broken variety but when they're this nice they can benefit any variety. He's a handsome young buck, just waiting on that coat....