Herd Bucks

*All rabbits are posed then allowed to naturally relax* Sadly, we only have one herd buck, but with nationals coming up that might change!

Daisy's Dark N' Stormy 
Casablanca's Psycho(Black Otter 3 Legs) X Scotcha's Roo(REW) 
Black Otter Jr. Buck 
Winnings: BOV. BOSV(2),BOSB
- "Storm" Is an exceptional buck! He went to his frist show and god a BOV, BOSV(2), and BOSB! I am very proud of this guy! He has a nice topline and great hindquarter to him. He is overall a balanced animal. He is overall a nice quality animal! Just needs more density to his fur, but other than that I cannot complain! 
Next Show: 3/25/17

Currently: A proven sire.